From the Beauty in Ruins Interview…

Talking Madness, Delusion, and Epic Fantasy with Michael R. Fletcher (Beyond Redemption)

Michael R. Fletcher is a Canadian science fiction and fantasy author who first hit the shelves 2 years ago with a cyberpunk novel called 88. It was a novel that garnered some attention and rave reviews, but I predict it’s next week’s release of Beyond Redemption that will establish him as a dominant force in the genre. It’s a book that’s been called darkly imaginative, gritty, and mind-bending – but that only scratches the surface.I’ll be sharing my enthusiastic review next week but, in the meantime, Michael has graciously agreed to stop by and set the stage . . .

Q: A huge thanks for taking the time to stop by today, Michael. For those who haven’t yet had a chance to give 88 (your cyberpunk debut) or Beyond Redemption (which blew my mind), please tell us a little about yourself and give us an idea of what we can expect.

A: Thanks for having me! I love being had. Wait…what?

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