Masters of Unreality: Heavy Metal and SFF

I’ll be attending NYCC this year (at least the Saturday and Sunday) as I’ve been asked to appear on a panel discussing heavy metal and SFF writing. Which is crazy! Not the combo of metal and SFF, but me being invited to NYCC.

If you’re there, the details are below. Come say hi. Buy me drinks.


Masters of Unreality: Heavy Metal and SFF

Sat. October 10| 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM | Room 1A18

It’s well known that heavy metal songs have been based on fantasy novels but it can be argued that it’s also the perfect soundtrack to any battle scene, whether deep in the forest or in deep space. Authors Myke Cole (Gemini Cell: A Shadow Ops Novel), Michael Fletcher (Beyond Redemption) and Peter Orullian (Trial of Intentions) are not just talented writers, but they’ve all been in metal bands! Join them along with Tricia Narwani of Del Rey as they discuss what they listen to as they write epic scenes, discuss seminal albums and how the two cross reference each other.

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