It’s a thing!

SWARM AND STEEL will be released by Talos Press (an imprint of Skyhorse/Night Shade Books) in August of 2017!

And a blurb I stole from the proposal we sent to the publisher:

Zerfall awakens in an alley, wounded and unable to remember her past. A Täuschung assassin pursues her into the endless wastes of the Basamortuan Desert. Upon catching her he hacks off her tattooed right hand and leaves her for dead. Her scabbard is empty and the need for answers and that sword will draw her back to the city-states. The more she learns, the less she likes the person she was.

When Jateko, a naïve youth, accidentally kills a member of his own tribe, he finds himself outcast and pursued across the desert for his crimes. Dehydrated and dying, he hallucinates Harea, the Basamortuan God of the Sands. The god sends him west, into the city-states.

Hunted by assassins and bound by mutual need they will face the Täuschung, an ancient and deranged religion ruled by a broken fragment of Zerfall’s personality. Swarm, the Täuschung hell, seethes with imprisoned souls. But where gods—real or imagined—meddle in the affairs of man, the cost is high.

A long prophesied evil is born, an endless hunger. The All Consuming is risen.

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  • sirjonk

    Just finished book two, terrific series. Will our ‘beloved’ heroes appear in book 3?

  • Michael R. Fletcher

    Sweet! Glad you liked it! One character from BR does make a very brief cameo in Swarm and Steel. It is, however, a standalone and not really about those folks. Most of it takes place far to the east in the desert.

    Can’t wait for August 22nd!