GUEST POST – Godsknife: Revolt by Timothy Ward

The ever frightening Tim Ward has taken command of my Doppels and demanded space in the mirror. What happens from here on is beyond my control.

Sometimes getting what you want is the worst possible outcome.



Michael recently posted that his next book The Mirror’s Truth is coming out in November. Like many of you, I’ll be clearing my reading schedule to make sure I’m in the early group of smart people who will call it a must read and brag to their puppies that they called it first. How many of you discovered his book, Beyond Redemption through word of mouth? Did that word of mouth proclaim it to be the best read of the year? Mine did, and yet even with going into that read with such inflated hopes, Beyond Redemption still threw all the punches I was hoping for—and more!

So what was it about Beyond Redemption that made it so cute and loveable? Was it the charming and relentless cheerfulness of his main characters? Did it fulfill our deep seated need to see what Heavy Metal Barney would look like wielding a Styrofoam sword against a Queen from Alien? Yes. You’re welcome. (Michael’s ten pot a day coffee habit just gave me a moment as he hits the head…please, someone help me. There are no doors in here. Only mirrors. I can’t remember which one he left through. He’s—)

As I was saying, this post was inspired by Michael’s majesty and creative genius. As a fellow writer and fan of fantasy, I can only ever write with his achievement lofted above me, scowling silent threats that I’ll never surpass the bar he’s established.

But here I am, invited to write a guest post to readers familiar to his greatness and no doubt sharing in his esteem to the point of questioning anyone who’d dare compare their fiction to the great Heavy Metal Barney in the Sky.

So, before the Styrofoam Excalibur slices my skull like a soft melon, here’s my case for why I think Godsknife: Revolt is something fans of Beyond Redemption might enjoy.

Too late. I died.

The late Timothy C. Ward finds himself one of ten thousand waiting for the Great Heavy Metal Barney’s entrance into the afterlife, where he can follow his purple master’s bidding, handing out black and purple sugar cookies to the masses lining the street parade and horizon of soaring, inflatable dinosaurs that never ends.

His pink flip flops won’t last nearly as long.

You can find Godsknife: Revolt on Amazon, GoodReads, or purchase signed paperbacks.

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