Way back in November of 2015 I was a guest in Philip Overby’s dark and blood-spattered corner of the internet. We played a lightning word-association game where he fired random(ish) words at me and I fired back ill-thought answers. Well the tables have turned! The tide is on the other foot! Brace thineselves for a bloody Lightning Round with Philip Overby!

1. Spatter Elf

Part Dungeons and Dragons, part over-the-top action movie with loads of monsters, cursing, blood, and wackiness. It was born out of the idea that fantasy could be fun, dark, and weird all at once.

2. Mysticism

Intriguing yet confusing. Like my life.

3. Undead Unicorns

Combines two great flavors. I appreciate the idea of mixing together the horrific and the majestic. See also pixie graveyards and koala gore sorcerers.

4. Grim Tidings

My gateway to the world! Seriously, I’ve met so many cool authors through this show. Especially Canadians. Rob sucks, by the way.

5. AD&D

My teen years in a nutshell. I literally did nothing on weekends other than play D&D. Sure, I tried playing soccer and doing some physical stuff, but nothing ever beat the fun of DMing a game and watching my friends slowly descend into madness with me.

6. Saki!

I don’t drink sake that much, but if I did, I would probably like fruit-flavored ones. I enjoy umeshu, which is like plum-flavored wine. I’m more of a wine guy. I wish I had a vinyard so I could show it to people and brag about the vintages I have in my cellar.

7. Rob Matheny’s Goat

He probably is a goatman considering how much he loves climbing mountains. Go climb another mountain, you satyr-looking shithead!

8. Favorite Mythological Beast

Tough one, but I have to go with chimera, simply because it’s a chimera.

9. Peanut butter versus Nutella

I only ate Nutella once and it kicked ass. I feel like it’s too fancy for me. And I’m sure it’ll contribute to me dying in some way.

10. Paladins

Great in concept, horrible in execution. It would seriously be hard as shit to go around fighting everything you think is evil. There’s some connection to a real-life scenario here, but I avoid real-life as much as possible.

11. Metal

Loved all types when I was younger, but now I only listen to incredibly brutal stuff like Behemoth or Meshuggah. Although I’m sure someone will read this and make fun of me because these aren’t brutal enough. Fine. Deathklok. Beat that.

12. Time Machine

Rick and Morty. Seriously. Watch it. It embodies everything I’d love Splatter Elf to become.

13. Grimdark

The genre that still nobody can pin down. I’ve had numerous conversations with people about what grimdark is. I think it’s still in a cocoon stage, to be honest. Everyone’s analyzed the cocoon and determined what they think it is. But once that big ass demonic butterfly pops out, all will become clear. Shit, I don’t know. Being nebulous is part of its appeal. It’s one of the few words in fantasy that has both a good meaning, a bad meaning, and I don’t know what the blue hell this is meaning.

14. Big Trouble in Little China

In my top 5 movies of all time. I would say Splatter Elf was heavily influenced by movies like this. They had comedy, action, crazy characters, and a heavy influence on magic and swordplay. Plus they had a dude blow up, an orange yeti, and a beholder. And David Lo Pan is the most epic villain of all time.

15. Archers

If you play RPGs and you don’t have an archer, you’re going to die a lot. Seriously. Archers are the shit. Even the games where you only play as one character, I almost always do my first run-through with an archer. Sniping giants is oh so satisfying.

16. Anthropomorphic Aardvark Assassin’s Crossbow Bolt.

You must have really done some research to know something from my old email address. Maybe you’re the hacker that stole it from me. If so, give it back! If you’re just lucky to know this, kudos to you. I think we need more Aardvark Assassins in the world, aardvarking it up.

And thus concludes the Lightning Round with Philip Overby. I hope you’ve all learned something valuable. Now go check out his deranged books!


About Philip Overby: Philip Overby is a weird fantasy writer and the creator of the Splatter Elf universe which includes stories, a Youtube channel, and an in-development card game. He is also the co-host of The Grim Tidings Podcast with Rob Matheny and has talked with some of the heavy hitters in all of speculative fiction, including Joe Abercrombie, Steven Erikson, R.A. Salvatore, Richard A. Knaak, R. Scott Bakker, Anthony Ryan, Kameron Hurley, Michael R. Fletcher, and many more. He spends his other free time as the drummer of the garage rock band The Candy Ditches which play in several clubs throughout Tokyo. He lives in Yokohama, Japan with his wife and collection of weird rocks. His website is

About Splatter Elf: Splatter Elf is fantasy for those that love dark humor, crazy action, and loads of monsters. It was birthed out of a desire for weirder fantasy stories that embraced blood, cursing, and the grotesque while still being somehow light-hearted. Philip’s first three stories are “The Unicorn-Eater,” “River of Blades,” and “The Bog Wyvern” which readers have called “goofy and gory and gut-punchingly great” as well as “[being] hooked by the steady string of humorous dialogue and imaginative names for gods, swords, spells and monsters.?” The first Splatter Elf novella One Goblin Army is now available for Kindle on Amazon.

The Splatter Elf Youtube channel features readings from stories, reviews, video game play-throughs, and a weird ass goblin named Grim Gozzoth.

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