A box of THE MIRROR’S TRUTH just showed up and I’m itching to give one away. In fact, I have one copy left of BEYOND REDEMPTION as well. I think I’ll give ’em both away! As a pair! Signed and doodled and drooled upon and maybe slightly loved but not in a healthy platonic kinda way.


It probably goes without saying, but every time a writer holds a give away, they’re hoping for something in return. Reviews. Word of mouth. Publicity. A back rub. And I am no different. That said, I also like to muck things up and make them difficult thereby damned near ensuring I won’t get what I want. If reality is madness, expecting sane results would be…crazy!

And as you well know, I am very sane.

So here is the deal. This is a contest. The winner will get the signed copies of both BEYOND REDEMPTION and THE MIRROR’S TRUTH. The runner up will get ebook copies of both books. Third place will be politely ignored as only a Canadian can politely ignore someone.

But as I mentioned, I want something in return. You decide what you are willing to offer in return for the books. You put your offer in the comments below (or, if it’s easier, in the comments on this post on facebook), and a winner shall be picked on Monday, December 12th. You can offer whatever you want. A poem. Publicity. Bad advice. A book in trade. Anything. Wait wait wait. No, that’s a terrible idea. Nothing illegal. Uhhhhhh……Nothing too illegal.

I shall, however, not be picking the winner. The mighty Thor JRS shall bear that terrible burden! Is he open to bribes? Dunno! Not my problem!

The winners and I shall exchange goods once THE MIGHTY THOR JRS has chosen.

Let the madness begin!

Any offers not appearing here or on my facebook post will be politely ignored as there is no way THE MIGHTY THOR JRS can be bothered to go hunting for this stuff.


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  • James Schmidt

    Wait I can’t win? I knew I shouldn’t have let you talk me into this!

  • Regrettably, I cannot offer book reviews in return for two signed copies – as I am in medical school and have zero time for please reading :/

    I can, however, offer a spotlight post on the series and a book collecting post, showing the two signed books, when I receive them! I’ll even throw in a t-shirt from said medical school if you’d like one too 😉

  • Travis

    I shall endeavor, through razor-sharp erudition, to inextricably link the Canadian Politeness Power to its source. That’s correct: The Maple Leaf.

    And by “razor-sharp erudition,” I mean “dull-witted buffoonery.”

    And by “inextricably link,” I mean “loose, unfounded–possibly lightly offensive(which you will not be able to express disapproval for due to your acute case of CPP) conjecture.


    Oh, yes. I offer nothing more than the world’s first definitive CPP-Maple Leaf study.


  • Michael R. Fletcher


  • So when….if I win, I’ll make a “commercial” to advertise the books (will be uploaded to YouTube channel –

  • I would offer a lengthy review and a bottle of home-made tsipouro, but you are already going to get these, so I’ll offer a 2-week free advertisement in (front page) instead, as well as a Giveaway of my own, where I’ll give the 2 copies that I already have. Also, I won’t spread rumors that you add water to your whisky.

  • Adam Weller

    $50 donated to the charity of your choice!

  • arzvi

    Will offer true reviews and a place in my memory for gifting me the books 😉

  • bookwraiths

    One week of Michael Fletcher Madness on Bookwraiths. A week where Michael Fletcher and his hordes of faithful followers take over the blog, posting demented and delicious morsels of manifest delusion for the masses. Book excerpts/guest posts/guest reviewers/giveaways and a grand prize of . . . these two, signed books to the winner! (No, I don’t want them for myself. I want the MADNESS, baby!) All of this coverage faithfully posted to facebook, twitter, reddit, and every other damn place I can think to put it, as well as me twisting arms in the backroom to get every blogger I know to help me out with inundating grimdark fans with Michael Fletcher Madness! Plus (since I am not above bribery) I will send a bottle of your favorite beverage to your home address as a xmas present, The Mighty Thor Jrs. Cheers, brothers. Let the MADNESS begin!


    I’ll send you my copy of Beyond Redemption signed by me and a gift certificate for Tim Horton’s. Sorry. I don’t run a blog or have a Youtube channel. You’ll have to deal with Timmy’s coffee. Plus, you want to give me a copy of the new book signed and drooled upon because you like me and you wouldn’t want to upset my Gefahrgeist tendencies.

  • Matthew Summers

    Hmmmm… what can I offer for two signed books?

    I will allow you to stay in my attic when you come to visit Australia. I will bake cookies for you every few hours, and listen to your incessant ramblings and muttering as you plan your next attempt at conquering the world. I will protect you from the gigantic fauna that wants to hunt you for sport here in Australia, and maintain a constant supply of chilled beer in the fridge.

    I’ll also throw in a detailed review for The Mirror’s Truth on Smash Dragons, an interview, and a promise to stand on the street corner holding a ‘BUY MICHAEL R. FLETCHER’s BOOKS!’ sign. What’s that… you want more?

    I will throw in the souls of Adrian Collins and Shawn King… but don’t tell them I said that… harvesting souls needs to be done in secret. Wait… you want MORE!?!

    I will invite you to become a regular guest on Smash Dragons. You’ll become part of the furniture over there… to do what you want… promote what you want… chat about whatever you want. It will become a regular feature of the blog… a ‘Fun time with Fletch’ if you will.

    Fuck sake… you want more?!? Greedy bastard aren’t ya!

    I will offer my structural editing services to you free of charge for your next big project. Want a detailed report on characterisation, plot, flow, tense and voice? I’m your man.

    So there you have it. Good deal I think. 🙂

  • Matthew Summers

    You got shafted dude. Hehe

  • James Schmidt

    Wow shite is getting thick in here! Let’s keep the madness going!

  • kathils01

    Hmmm… what to offer? I really can’t outdo Bookwraiths, but I’ll definitely review, tweet, instagram and facebook, also offer up my blog for whatever nefarious purposes you desire (see section 333, paragraph 666, lines 600 thru 699 for complete definition of acceptable purposes), and throw in an appearance in my newsletter (as meager as that currently is).

    If the books are really phenomenal, I will invite you to SE WI for drinks and snacks. Or stalk you. Cyber stalk, obviously.

  • iamsane

    I offer you the most valuable information in the world. Here it goes, your manifest delusions series is the actual factual truth of religions and child sexual abuse is where the most powerful geisteskranken come from. Its true just read the bible as part of the manifest delusions series and you will understand. My life is very much like Bedeckts especially the part where his dead are warring and he keeps hollering ” I AM SANE “. I am is gods name, teeheehee. I also know a guy who thinks he found a secret message in assassins apprentice, he sees Lucifer in everyone but he thinks he will find Lucifer in a specific person one day and he hopes to kill that person with a bow and arrow. I know another guy who thinks that he can set people on fire with his mind. the only problem is that he is the only one who can see it. Want to know more???? The bible is the most grimdark fantasy ive come across, everyone in it including the bloodthirsty god is an absolute failure, jesus has a messiah complex, is chased around by imaginary devils and ends up nailed to a tree, what a delusional loser, teeheehee

  • David

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Stehlen has yellow teeth
    And Wichtig stabs you