An Update ‘Cuz All the Things I Actually Wanna Say Require too Much Thought Right Now


Why, hello there, website. I kinda forgot about you. I’ve been busy for the last er… five months.


Quick Overview of What I’ve Been Up to for the Last Five(ish) Months

I wrote and edited City of Sacrifice. It’s the first book in a new series. Heavily influenced by a mad mix of Aztec and African flavours, and the writings of Carlos Castaneda, I’d call it Dark Epic Fantasy. You’ll probably call it Grimdark. Potato, tomato, whatever. On a dead planet, the last city of man is under siege. Demons and gods war for the blood and souls of humanity. The MS is currently with my agent. She will no doubt gut it and send it back dripping gore and whimpering. I’ll sob gently in a corner for a while and then get to work fixing it cuz that’s what you do. My currently plan is for the series to be somewhere between three and five books.

I wrote Obsidian Heart, a truly messed up YA fantasy about a long dead Demon Emperor returning as a teenager and wandering the world in search of the shards of his shattered stone heart. The tagline, were this a movie, would probably be: That Which Kills You Makes You Stronger. The book is currently in editing. I’m hoping I can send it out to an elite squad of beta-readers in the next month or two. I’m kinda scared to send it to my agent. She’s gonna need to find her inner fourteen year old boy to really appreciate this foray into juvenile wish fulfilment. The plan is for it to be a trilogy. The book is loosely based on the two stories I wrote for Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Death at the Pass, and Death and Dignity.

I am about one-third into writing The Corporate Terrorist. A group of university student use terror-tactics to bend greedy corporations to their will. I’ve never written anything that wasn’t SF/F, so this one is a little different.

Wow. Boring.

Yep. Soooooo. I’m not dead.

Uh… how about some awesome character art of Bedeckt, Stehlen, and Wichtig by the awesome Quint VonCanon?





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