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Karaoke Giveaway Contest!

A box full of SWARM AND STEEL has arrived!

Time for a contest!

How to Enter
To enter, you must post a video of yourself doing some karaoke. You don’t have to post an entire song, 20-30 seconds will do. Unless you want to. You can post your video pretty much anywhere. On my facebook wall or twitter feed, in the comments of this post. All I ask is that you tag me so I can find it.
My definition of karaoke is pretty damned loose. You can record yourself singing in the car, screaming along to the stereo like I do every morning on my way to work. Just don’t get busted for mucking about with your phone while driving.
If you want to write and record and entirely original piece of music, go for it!
If you think of something different, go for it! Surprise me!
Here is how entries shall be judged:
– Entertainment
– Originality
– Did you somehow manage to work the concept of Manifest Delusions into your lyrics? Bonus points!
– Did you manage to sneak a copy of one of my books into the video? Bonus Points!
– Did you put it on youtube? Bonus points!
– Insanity!
The Prizes
First Prize: A Manifest Delusions Box* Set including signed copies of Beyond Redemption, The Mirror’s Truth, and Swarm and Steel.
Second Prize: A signed copy of Swarm and Steel.
Third Prize: I dunno! What do you want? Hugs?
Contest Closes Tuesday, November 21st.
Winner will be announced some time on November 22nd. Or soon after.
*Not a Real Box Set. More like a box with some books in it. Maybe.