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The blurb below was written for the HARPER Voyager Author Questionnaire. I can't explain why writing synopses of my books fills me with dread, but it does.

BEYOND REDEMPTION is a fantasy novel taking place in a world where delusion and insanity manifest as reality. Where belief defines reality, the sociopath is king and the pyromaniac truly worthy of fear. Such power comes with a price; the abilities of the deranged grow as their sanity collapses. In the end their delusions devour them.

Konig is a charismatic sociopath with delusions of grandeur so powerful he has literally changed the landscape of a once pitiful Theocracy. He now leads a growing and successful religion driven by a single goal: Create a new god. Morgan, a young boy shaped from birth by the united faith of an entire theocracy, will be that god. But time is running out for Konig. Plagued by manifestations of his crumbling sanity, he must make his god before his delusions take control.

Wichtig, the self-proclaimed Greatest Swordsman in the World, travels with Stehlen, a vicious kleptomaniac, and Bedeckt, an ageing warrior whose iron sanity stinks of delusion. A bond of mutual distrust and desperate need unites them. When the three get word of Morgan, they decide to kidnap the godchild and ransom him back to his followers; a perfect plan.

Pursued by all manner of deranged and reality-bending folks from undead assassins to self-loathing pyromaniacs, Bedeckt, Wichtig, and Stehlen discover Morgan, a powerful obsessive-compulsive suffering an entire host of delusions, is far more dangerous than they'd bargained for. Their perfect plan may need some work.