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Manifest Delusions Discussion Page[edit]

This is a page for discussing the novels of Manifest Delusion which (at least for now) means Beyond Redemption. Really, you can put pretty much anything related to the books here. Questions, art (if you own the copyright), character sketches, information on the world, religion, politics you'd like to see included, whatever. If I like it — and I'm a control freak — I'll move it onto the main page for all to see.

Since this will be an open page, you read at your own risk. If you haven't finished reading the book, you probably should before looking here. There may be spoilers. I dunno. I really have no idea what to expect. The experiment may be a complete flop.


If you have a question about content, please put that question under the relevant heading so, for example, if you had a question regarding the map you would do the following...

A Mad World[edit]

Q: Why is this so much better than the map you did in crayon and then spilled coffee all over?

If you're really feeling kind, and someone has asked a question or otherwise already created the heading under which your question, statement, or whatever would be under, go ahead and add your input. Whatever it is.