The Pinnacle

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The ultimate leveller of the playing field. Embracing one's delusions comes with a price. Sure, holding your emotional scars tight to your heart, constantly picking at your mental wounds, might cause the Geisteskranken to grow in power, but embracing insanity is not healthy. As a Geisteskranken loses their grip on reality they become stronger, more able to utterly believe all manner of insane shite. As their sanity crumbles apart the range and strength of their delusions increases. Eventually, however, those delusions come to completely define that Geisteskranken's reality. They take over. That moment, that teetering instant when delusion crushes sanity, is The Pinnacle and, for a brief instant, the Geisteskranken might become so powerful as to challenge the gods. Unfortunately, for them, they are no longer sane enough to do anything with that power. What happens after depends on the delusions in question. A Mirrorist might be dragged into the mirror by his reflections. The Doppelgangist might be replaced by a Doppel. The Hassebrand might incinerate themselves in an orgy of flame.