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Sex Without Souls


Brendan Bane (vocals) and Matte Black (Guitar)

Between the years of 1997 and 2010 I was the guitar player for Sex Without Souls, a goth/rock/metal band based in Toronto. We played most of the clubs in the city, were banned from a few, and managed to wrack up a grand total of six fans.

  • Brendan Bane – Lead Vocals (he also wrote all the lyrics)
  • Matte Black (me) – Lead Guitar and (screamed) Backing Vocals
  • Lucy Furr – Drums and all percussion
  • Johnny Devil – Bass and Backing Vocals

We released the album, Unrepentant, in 2007. I still have about 250 of the damned things in storage somewhere.

Want one?


Lucy Furr, Brendan Bane, Matte Black, Johnny Devil

I engineered (recorded and mixed) this album over the course of about six months. The work was done in the bassist’s basement studio. The album was Mastered by James Paul (who owns The Rogue Studio) at The Laquer Channel.

The song files are below, all decent quality mp3s. Give ’em a listen. If you like them, feel free to share them. Seriously, we don’t care. It was never about money.

The SEX WITHOUT SOULS album, Unrepentant, can be streamed from my Soundcloud account.

UNREPENTANT – The Songs (in order)



What follows are a few tunes I wrote and recorded at home and then never did anything with. No lyrics.


  • S. C. Flynn

    Did not know this! When is the first Doppels album coming out?

  • Michael R. Fletcher

    We’re waiting on Procrastination to learn the French Horn and then we’re ready to go!