Reviews and Best of 2015 Lists

Well, it’s early 2015 and I just went searching through the internet for word on Beyond Redemption. What follows are the results.

My mad book made fourteen fifteen Best-of-2015 lists!


Joseph Mallozzi’s Weblog: Beyond Redemption took home the Rogue Star award for best novel of 2015. Joseph is the creator and Executive Producer of the SyFy series, Dark Matter.

Fantasy Faction: Beyond Redemption takes the #27 spot on their Best 50 of 2015.

The Speculative Herald: Beyond Redemption takes the #6 spot.

Beauty in Ruins: “The characters here are all worthy of the story they’ve been asked to carry; the pacing here is just about perfect, careening along from one scene to another with madcap intensity; and the action is intense, with beautiful moments of blood and brutality, and awe-inspiring feats of madness and delusion.”

Smash Dragons: Beyond Redemption takes the #2 spot. “Holy fuck balls… what a book. Beyond Redemption is brutal, and packed to the brim with adventure, action, and violence. It also, amidst all of this mayhem, offers a fascinating insight into the notions of power and difference. Truly the best fantasy debut I’ve read in the last decade, and the new standard bearer for the Grimdark movement.”

Leona’s Blog of Shadows: Beyond Redemption takes the #4 spot. “This book is a grimdark masterpiece.”

Smorgasbord Fantasia: “Few books this year left such an indelible impression on me like Michael Fletcher’s grimmer than grimdark effort that featured mad psychosomatic characters who are so original that they really shone for me. It’s a book that dared to be different. And really will tear through your guards. You’re forewarned.”

Pagina Cititorului de FantasyBeyond Redemption takes the #4 spot. “In mod sigur Beyond Redemption a fost cel mai original, cel mai intunecat si cel mai „dus cu pluta” roman fantasy aparut in 2015. Fletcher este la ora actuala cel mai grim dark scriitor pe care l-am citit si totusi acesta reuseste sa-si doteze personajelor abjecte si imorale cu cate o chichita care le face aproape „placubile”. Aproape…”

Mighty Thor: Beyond Redemption took the #1 spot. “A book that came out of nowhere and just blew me away!”

Book FrivolitySo, you thought you knew Grimdark? Wrong! This is the new high lord of the grim!

BiblioSanctum: “Damn, that shit was a hundred different kinds of awesome.”

Grimdark Magazine“Beyond Redemption is the grimdarkest book of 2015, and arguably, the decade. The characters are selfish, bloodthirsty, and fun as hell to read.”

Galleywampus: “This book takes the philosophy of ‘perception becomes reality’ and cranks it to 11. It’s an ambitious high-concept premise, and Fletcher delivers on that premise.”

El Ultimo Deseo FantásticoDe estos últimos, el que más me ha sorprendido y saliendo de la nada, está Michael R. Fletcher con su debut BEYOND REDEMPTION , una novela donde las locuras y creencias generales pueden tomar forma o modificar la realidad.

Timothy C. Ward: Beyond Redemption takes the #2 spot. “That eyebrow raising experience we get in our favorite books is found too many times to count in this one.”

Fantasy Book Critic: “Kudos to the author for coming up with such an original magic system and dark storyline.”


Publishers Weekly (a starred, boxed review): “The dystopia and its victims never quite collapse under the weight of the horror, and their perseverance encourages the reader to endure the grimness until the thought-provoking conclusion.”

Library Journal: “Incredibly brutal, this unusual fantasy world from Fletcher (88) is populated by delusional sociopaths—literally. Mental disorders such as megalomania and kleptomania provide the sufferers power over those around them, giving the whole world an off-kilter manic edge. If you like your fantasy überdark, this might be an intriguing Freudian excursion.”

Anthony RyanNew York Times bestselling author of Blood SongSet in a world where madness equates to power, Michael R. Fletcher’s Beyond Redemption is often as nightmarish as it is fascinating. An alarming, original and compulsive tale laced with a blackly comic sensibility. Highly recommended.”

Django Wexler: “BEYOND REDEMPTION is that rarest of things, a truly original fantasy.  Fletcher draws a bloody, filthy, ugly world, full of madness and despair, and then makes us truly care about the damaged people who live there.  Highly recommended for fans of Mark Lawrence and Joe Abercrombie.”

Booklist: “The journey is dark and emotionally taxing, but there aren’t many fantasy novels as smart, ambitious, and excellently written as this one.”

RT Magazine: “This novel’s title is most appropriate, since so many of the characters have no redeeming qualities — in the best possible way.”

L.K. Evans: “[Beyond Redemption] took me out of the norm, and for that, I love it.”
Barnes and Noble blog: “…a work of singular power and grace…”

SFFWorld: “…a compelling novel that has a power to draw you in, despite the dark nature of the world and the unsavory characters who populate it. This appears to be the first of a series and I am equally horrified and fascinated to find out where Fletcher will next take the story.”

The Speculative Herald: “Forget grim dark, this is mad dark . . . and it’s awesome.”

Geeks of Doom: “I absolutely could not put it down.

Grimdark Magazine: “Michael R. Fletcher has put himself on the map as a grimdark author to watch and read for many years to come.”

T. Frohock: “Fletcher brings them all to vivid life and shows us their doubts and dreams and foibles with unflinching prose. Simultaneously poetic and brutal, Fletcher executes a deft balancing act between the surreal and the real and yet he never loses sight of his characters’ humanity. Highly recommended”

Smash Dragons: “Beyond Redemption is, and I don’t say this lightly, one the most original, thought provoking, and hellishly dystopian dark fantasies that I have read in ages. It is also disturbing, disgusting, and action packed. And god I loved it!”

BookWraiths: “Exquisite mayhem and madness, Beyond Redemption is a novel which appears once every few years; a harbinger of things to come that takes the familiar fantasy tropes and twists them into something fresh and original.”

The Bibliosanctum: “It’s impossible not to get completely sucked into this story. Not that I wanted to fight the pull, mind you. Beyond Redemption is so wildly imaginative and intensely entertaining, you just can’t help but embrace its bleak world, the tortured characters, the wicked concepts. Giving in to the madness has never felt so good.”

Timothy C. Ward: “When “Wow” is a reaction multiple times per page, on more pages than not, you have an incredible read in your hands.”

The Tenacious Reader: “I highly recommend this book to anyone who has been a fan of books labeled grim dark. You can’t get much more grim or dark than Beyond Redemption, but it is done in a way that makes it an incredibly enjoyable read.”

El Ultimodeseo Fantastico: “Libro totalmente recomendado para aficionados a la fantasía más grimdark, gran historia, buenos personajes y oscuros, muchos momentos de humor negro y aún más retorcido que los mismos personajes, y sobretodo un libro para disfrutar. Sin duda, el mejor libro que he leído de fantasía en todo el año.”

Beauty in Ruins: “If you’re at all curious, and are open to a story that challenges your intellect while delighting your imagination, then I urge you to give Beyond Redemption a read.

Mighty Thor: “Hell, to be honest this is probably one the best books I have read…”

Pagina Cititorului de Fantasy: (Review in Romanian) “Astept cu nerabdare urmatorul sau roman, dar pana atunci va las sa explorati cele mai intunecate cotloane ale naturii umane alaturi de o noua stea aparuta pe firmamentul literaturii fantasy.”

Leona’s Blog of Shadows: “Buy it ASAP! If you love grimdark and complex characters, you will be a big fan.”

The Book Addict: “I would highly recommend this book, not just for fantasy fans, but for anyone interested in mental illness. Fletcher has done an amazing job at literally bringing to life the manifestations of such illnesses. A brilliant book, excellently written, this is definitely worth a read.”

Grimdark Alliance: “This one easily lands in The Best of Grimdark and I hope to be reading some sequels soon.”

Book Frivolity (short video review): All shall read Beyond Redemption and all shall love it!”

Fantasy Smorgasbord: “…a book that will feature in the “Best of Lists” for a lot of fantasy lovers in 2015.”

Cursed Armada: “without a doubt one of the best debuts I’ve read in quite some time. A really unique twist on a magic system, a couple of trusted bloggers shouting praise, and an intriguing cover prompted me to buy this one at a local bookstore, something I don’t do too often these days. “

The Nameless Zine: “Surely one of the most interesting fantasy novels I’ve read in decades, if ever…”

The Bookbead’s Blog: “…a rip-roaring page turner…the cast is driven and twisted and crazed and it makes for a brilliant book. Beyond Redemption is a brutal world, featuring a hateful cast of actors and it’s great.”

El Jardin del Sueno Infinito:  “Estoy seguro que hay muchos más libros del genero que no he leído, pero me alegro de haber encontrado Beyond redemption, porque contiene el tipo de fantasía oscura que me gusta.”

Barnes and Noble: Five Fantasy Novels to Satisfy Your Cynical Side – “Fletcher’s world is brimming with detail and amazing ideas, including living-dead assassins, a charismatic slaver who would make the Purple Man squirm, and a style of sword duel that involves playing to the crowd to increase their belief in your power.”

LizLovesLiterature Video Review: “Bleak. Bloody. Bad-Ass. Best book ever!”

Fantlab (cool Russian review site): Построив причудливый мир и населив его интересными и достоверными маньяками, которые задействованы в динамично развивающемся сюжете, автор рассказывает нам следующую историю: “идеальное” религиозное государство волею великого во всех смыслах лидера ставит перед собой задачу выиграть местную гонку вооружений = добиться собственного первенства в контроле над сумасшествием мира, для чего ударяется в педагогические эксперименты. К несчастью этот процесс обращает на себя взоры некоторых личностей, внимания которых настоятельно рекомендуется избегать: например, троицы отъявленных и закоренелых преступников-неудачников, или, очень мягко говоря, эксцентричного рабовладельца. Добавьте к этому тот факт, что собственные элитные кадры нашего религиозного образования уже очень давно и сильно не способны сойти за нормальных людей, а оппоненты и того безумней, то вы можете представить к какому хаосу всё приходит в конечном итоге. И это только “развлекательная” ипостась романа, а при учёте скрупулёзного расчленения человеческих душ и лёгкого квеста в поисках духовности аморальных персонажей, книга приобретает глубину и объемность идей.


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